Project Results

This section shows the results and materials created within the I-BOX project


Intellectual Output (IO1) Conceptual structure of the project and assessment: The conceptual framework is a guide on how to use Instructional Design (ASSURE model) based on existing educational methodologies, and how to apply them in simulated environments. This document includes recommendations for the use of ASSURE as a conceptual framework to be used for design, implementation and evaluation of virtual educational materials created as part of the I-BOX project and aimed at improving the training of nursing students in simulated and virtual learning environaments.

Intellectual Output (IO2): The educational and audiovisuals e-learning materials (vídeos, podcasts and infographics) related to procedures and nursing techniques in a simulation environament have been developed and compiled in a virtual space that facilitates its use and allows participants to interact.

Intellectual Output (IO3): The best practices document. In this report a set of recommendations of good practices to implement the educational e-learning materials within Nursing Education has been ellaborated. An educational training was held from 19 April to 6 May to put the materials and the platform into practice with international students and professors. This practicum, together with a review of academic literature, has made it possible to produce this report, which provides different perspectives and ideas for using the educational materials.