Digital Toolbox for Innovation in Nursing Education

The project “Digital Toolbox for innovation in nursing education (I-Box)” will develop teaching and learning materials (Videos, podcasts and Infographics) for nurses and nursing students. The materials from this project support the learning of technical skills nurses might need when attending patients in different healthcare settings.

Students and nurses practice their skills in an environment that is as close to reality as possible, but with the safety of teachers and colleagues surrounding them, before attending patients. In simulation training we use human like dummies, that are called mannequins or patient actors, volunteers or professionals that help create an environment as close to the reality as possible.

The learning materials of this project will introduce the student to technical procedures and allow them to prepare for the simulation experience. By being able to prepare for the exercise, they can improve their focus on the patient instead of the procedure itself.

Learning Materials Platform

Videos, Infographics, Podcasts

Scientific Outputs

Conceptual tools, models and instruments, Articles and guidelines, and good practices protocols.

Activities & News

Recent news, upcoming events, news articles.

I-Box is making progress…


Universities participating in the project: