As part of the European I-BOX Project, we would like to inform you of the last activities that took place during the months of April and May 2022 at the TecnoCampus facilities.


From April 19 to May 6, 2022 one of the Learning Activities was to organize a 3-week training course Practicum training in simulation environment which benefited 9 international students and 6 students of the nursing degree of the Tecnocampus.

The requirements to be accepted were to be enrolled in a nursing degree of the project partner universities (Maribor University in Slovenia, UMIT University in Austria, and the University of Turku in Finland).

In general terms, this training course has involved 8 nursing teachers from Tecnocampus and 4 international teachers from the consortium also took part. The calendar was structured in full dedication for students, splited into mornings and in the afternoons autonomous practice. In addition, the program has offered various socio-cultural activities outside the educational atmosphere in order to share time with each other.

This opportunity has allowed them to learn and implement educational materials in e-learning digital format on techniques and procedures in simulated environments, in a very close way to reality by experiencing clinical cases through the I-BOX Platform.

The project team together with the audiovisual support service of Tecnocampus carried out 2 focus groups with the students which answered specific questions about the platform. At a later stage, a qualitative analysis of the data obtained will help us to improve the digital materials as well as the materials and resources deployed.

The overall satisfactory score was that students gave a very good and positive evaluation of the course and they would repeat the experience without a doubt. It has put them onto a new knowledge and methods to  practice in their day to day life as nurses.



The Multiplier Event was the second large meeting of the I-BOX Project in a series of conferences set in the proposal chronogram. The topic for this conference was Presentación de la Plataforma I-BOX para la mejora de la Práctica Clínica”. In English, Presentation of the I-BOX Platform for the improvement of Clinical Practice.

A total of 110 people participated in the conference from more than 20 organizations and 4 countries in this edition. The unprecedented level of participation indicates the important role that nursing education plays in society. The I-BOX Multiplier Event connected EU countries, European nursing students, nurse practitioners and nursing association representatives.

This event demonstrated how the importance is to evolve nursing teachers from across Europe and see the difference in nursing processes. We have noticed that every country has their own nursing policies and methodologies. Therefore, it is our desire and commitment that contributes to keeping I-BOX Project standards in line with best practices and recommendations to strengthen new alliances between European schools of nursing.

The Conference was held last May 4 at the Auditorium of the TecnoCampus in Mataró. The event hosted +100 attendees. Aimed mainly healtcare professionals, nurse practitioners, academic tutors in charge of nursing degree internship programs of different hospitals in Catalonia and by extension, the entire medical community of the region. We reached the attendance number expected and accomplished the project compliance.

The opening session was structured as a round table presentation addressed by the Tecnocampus Director-General José Luis Checa, he declared the conference officially open at the end of his statement. Dra Carme Rosell, Director of the Health Sciences School, she delivered a speech and was followed by Dra Esther Cabrera. Following her presentation, the joint vice-chair Dra Carolina Chabrera together they started to explain how the project idea came out to their minds and finally got realized.

In the plenary session – keynote address, we had the honor of having Nuria Infiesta as keynote speaker. She is the co-founder of Yasyt Robotics, a technology company specializing in robotics and medical devices.

Session 1 – The chair of this session was Dra Carolina Chabrera. She delivered a brief introduction to the audience about the objectives, main points and challenges of the project for its implementation.

Session 2 – The presentation was an introductory of the project platform focusing in particular on the learning materials and priority areas of work and opportunities for its future access to everyone. The panellists were Dra Carolina Chabrera and Mr Carles Garcia.

The second session included the experience of international students where they shared their experience about the 3-week training course. It was chaired by Dra. Carolina Chabrera.

The closing ceremony concluded with a lunch/cocktail.

In a nutshell, the conference was a great success and the whole audience was really interested and satisfied with the outstanding work of the platform. After conducting a short survey, most believed that it will be useful in the future of nursing care education.