Digital Resources

Educational and audiovisuals e-learning materials following ASSURE model related to procedures and nursing techniques in a simulation environment.

Main resources of the project

Conceptual structure and assessment

The ASSURE model is an instructional design based on existing educational methodologies. In this project we use some differents models to design, implement and evalute the online/virtual education materials created as part of the I-Box project.

E-learning material

Audiovisuals, educational material related to health procedures and nursing techniques to be used by all the European universities and health institutions. You will find this material in an open free platform that will allow to share the knowledge and learning strategies in a simulation environment.

Simulation-based training program for nursing practice

As a result of this international program, students acquire nursing skills, experience in a virtual space and share different processes and methodologies from their countries.


 Collaboration between institutions, conferences, research and innovation projects, mobility programas between students and teachers. Scientific articles and publications, guidelines, manuals, I-Box platform and 210 learning objects.