About the Project

Educational and audiovisuals e-learning material for
graduate nursing students.

The project “Digital Toolbox for innovation in nursing education (I-Box)” aims to design and develop audiovisual materials in open-access format related to procedures and nursing techniques in a simulation environment that will help nursing students and professionals improve their education and training.


Identified needs:

Lack of pre-session preparation

Lack of resources for teachers and professionals in Open Access format

Students from “Generation Z”


E-Learning educational materials

Infographics, podcasts and videos following ASSURE model related to procedures and nursing techniques in a simulation environment.

Project Outputs

Evaluation of the educational environment and other health trainings

Adaptation to the cultural context and validation of the Dundee Ready Education Environment (DREEM) tool in the 5 project
languages (German, Slovenian, Russian, Spanish and Finnish).

Web 2.0 Platform

An open access online platform where students, teachers and healthcare professionals can share information, knowledge and resources.

Recommendations of best practices

Develop recommendations of Best Practices to implement educational e-learning material within the Nursing Education (theoretical or practical subject) following the ASSURE model.