The ‘Multiplier Event’ conference of the European project I-BOX Digital Toolbox for innovation in Nursing Education will be held on Tuesday 4 May at 10am at the Auditorium (TCM2 building) of the TecnoCampus Park Mataró-Maresme.

We will have the honour of welcoming the COO and Founder of the technological company Yasit Robotics, specialised in robotics and medical devices who will be the Keynote speaker of the plenary session. Afterwards, the Principal Investigators of the project will present the digital resources of innovation in health that have been developed during this time.

The conference aim to tackle open-access digital resources in the field of nursing education. The target audience will be academic leaders of Nursing Bachelor Degree in Europe and by extension, professionals of the national and regional healthcare community.

At the end of the conference will be served a self-service meal for all the attendees.

A certificate of attendance will be available on the registration private area.

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