Writers: Saara Laaksonen and Tuuli Paija

The Corona pandemic has challenged this project and all of us. The partners have met only online after the kick-off meeting in Mataro, Catalonia in 2019. Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) arranged the third online follow-up meeting in April 2021. It was a pity that we could not show our partners Turku, which is the oldest city in Finland and TUAS, the largest campus area in Finland. However, we were able to present Turku and TUAS in pictures and by a video. You can find the video here!

New campus EduCity (TUAS, Finland) 2020

During the meeting, we discussed the important outcomes of the project and the current status. The I-BOX team presented the IT platform development updates, for example by explaining how the functionalities of the platform will be developed with the data about the profile of typical users. We have created guidebooks for developing the educational learning materials. We agreed on the new covers that are used in all videos and the storage place for the YouTube-links. So far, the team has managed to make around 50 out of the total number of 90 videos. The project partners decided that the format for the 60 podcasts should be MP3 and the length 3-10 min. The logo sound for the podcasts was revealed and played for the first time. All partners approved the happy and catchy music tune. The podcasts will be recorded with the languages of the partners, in Spanish, German, Slovenian, Russian and Finnish. We will use the Piktochart application to create and store the 60 infographics. All partners are currently working to plan and create the podcasts and infographics. The team also planned how we will evaluate and validate the ready materials.

Next online project meeting will be held in June 2021, when the I-BOX team will plan the upcoming practical training course in simulation environment at the TecnoCampus in Catalonia.