The I-Box project measures the educational environment with the Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measurment (DREEM). The tool is a compilation of criteria to measure a desirable educational environment that where identified from, and compared with other existing instruments for measuring education. The tools used up untill that moment where considered outdated and no longer usefull for students of the new millenium. The DREEM tool was first published in 1997, with the aim to evaluate the educational environment and climate for medical studnets and has since been extended to measure perceptions of health professionals. In the I-Box project we will use the tool to measure the impact of the changes we make to the delivery and forat of educational material and its impact on the educational environment for student nurses.

During the first year of the I-Box project, Spain, Finland, Slovenia, Austria and Russia have all validated the Dreem tool in their respecitve languages. As a result, the DREEM tool is now available in Spanish, Finish, Slovenian, German and Russian. In addition, the first measurement was carried out amoung 973 student, with 584 replies to the survey received. The measurement will be repeated at the end o the project, to assess the impact of the new educational material.